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2011 Tundra grille

Arrived more or less on time and was just as described. Product is very nice and easy to install.

2005 Ford 500

Got i for my son in law. He did some work to put it on his 500 and he said it works great

Very helpful

This item is extremely sturdy and well made. It is very comfortable, as well as functional. I love how easy it is to use, and how much easier it makes it to be able to safely move an elderly or injured person! I highly recommend this item!

Rectifier replacement for victory Arlen Ness

Purchased new replacement part based on the low price.
Received part within 10 days from purchase.
Part fitment was perfect.
Works as it should.
Excellent transaction


This is the correct filter for our refrig. I tried a cheaper brand one-time and got burned. We are back to using this one. No problems now.

Never a problem with this filter.

Always receive the expected product. Packaging has been flawless. Installation is simple and perfect.

Good replacement filter

Good replacement filter. Better quality than some of those lower cost ones.

Good value

Not only certified products but also very cost-effective. Water is odorless and has no strange colors or odors.

worth the cost

We drink water from our refrigerator constantly.the filter i bought works great and the water tastes is well worth the money ..and works great..will buy again

Look no further and just order.!!

I was looking for a replacement grill for my A3.. I already had a honeycomb grill. Pricing was pretty expensive for some Audi 8V models.. so for the price I was skeptical. HOWEVER.. it came very well packed.. badged/rings everything was included..
And here's the big one.. FITMENT.. buy with confidence.. it fit absolutely perfectly. Needed no adjustments at all.

Perfect fit and easy install

Extremely happy with the quality and fit of this grille. Hated the chrome trim on the original. Install took about thirty minutes. Before and after photos show the incredible difference in appearance of this simple modification.

TRD Pro Grille: Easy Upgrade for a Striking New Look

Recently, I decided to upgrade my Toyota with a TRD Pro Grille, and I couldn't be happier with the results. Not only was the installation process straightforward, but the transformation in the vehicle's appearance is remarkable.

Installation Process
Ease of Installation: 5/5

From the moment I unboxed the TRD Pro Grille, I was impressed with the quality and precision of the parts. The instructions provided were clear and concise, which made the entire process smooth and hassle-free. Here’s a quick rundown of my installation experience:

Preparation: I gathered all necessary tools beforehand, including a screwdriver, a socket wrench set, and some plastic trim removal tools.
Removing the Old Grille: The removal of the existing grille was simple. By following the step-by-step instructions, I unscrewed and unclipped the old grille without any issues.
Installing the New Grille: The new TRD Pro Grille fit perfectly into place. It was just a matter of aligning it correctly and securing it with the provided hardware. The clips and screws matched up perfectly with the factory mounts, ensuring a snug fit.
Final Adjustments: After securing the grille, I double-checked all connections to make sure everything was tight and properly aligned.
The entire installation process took less than an hour, and that includes some breaks to admire the progress.

The Look
Aesthetic Appeal: 5/5

The TRD Pro Grille has completely revitalized the front end of my Toyota. Here’s what stands out:

Aggressive Style: The new grille gives the vehicle a more aggressive and robust appearance. It has a bold design that commands attention and makes the car look more like a high-end, off-road-ready machine.
Quality Materials: The grille is made of high-quality materials that not only look great but feel durable. The matte black finish adds a sleek, modern touch that complements the overall design of the vehicle.
Enhanced Presence: The iconic Toyota logo in the center of the grille stands out more prominently, adding to the overall aesthetic appeal. It makes the vehicle look more distinguished and assertive on the road.
In conclusion, the TRD Pro Grille is an excellent investment for anyone looking to upgrade their vehicle's front end. The installation is remarkably easy, even for those with minimal experience in car modifications. The new look it provides is worth every penny, giving the vehicle a fresh, aggressive, and high-quality appearance. If you're on the fence about this upgrade, I highly recommend taking the plunge—you won’t be disappointed.

Black s3 rs style grille

This Grille came in great condition, ships quickly, and overall a great product to buy.

2018 ford edge

fast shipping and fit great a little hard to start but figure out the snapes was simple and looks good

Looks great!

Easy to install took about 40 minutes. Good quality and looks great!!



Great grill

It took me about thirty minutes to install it and i was pleased with the overall quality of the grille.The kicker is that these trucks require a good working knowledge of Modern auto-body repair and component replacement techniques and a few quality tools as well to get apart without damaging anything.

The service on this was awesome. the quality of the assembly was excellent. I am pleased!

Great grill

It gives the truck a really nice modern! Looks great !and the lights are very bright

I love the ease of installing this grille. I love the way it looks.

Perfect it

Many aftermarket grills fit like crap. This one fit better than the OEM.

Perfect it

Overall, super happy with it.I didn't have much expectation,, but it fits decently (could be better) and isnt super flimsy.

Value for money

At first, we didn't know how to start it, but the instructions explained everything, so we were able to complete its assembly within a period of time. Now we rarely use a car, because the scooter is very fast and gets to work much faster. The battery lasts well. The material is very durable. We like the value for money.

The best.

I love it !!! my truck looks like new now
Costumer service is great they're so helpful.