100Pcs 5V 2 Terminals Passive Electronic Buzzer For Arduino

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1. It is a passive buzzer, and need a audio drive signal in order to make it sound.

2. It can work with 5V

3. Here the "Source" does not refer to the power supply. But refers to the shock source. In other words, active buzzer internal shock source, so long as a power will be called.

4. The passive internal without a shock source, so if you can not make it with the DC signal call. You must use 2K ~ 5K square wave to drive it.

5. Active buzzer is often more expensive than passive, because there are multiple shock circuits.


The Advantages of a Passive buzzer are:

1. Cheap

2. Sound Frequency Control, you can make "more rice to Suo La West" effect.

3. In some special cases, and LED multiplexing a control port

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