Union Jack Power Window Switch & Center Console Panel Covers For MINI F56


SKU: C113-129-Red

These panel covers are made with the highest quality automotive grade ABS plastic which is very flexible to ensure the correct fitting and easier installation.
There is no cutting or drilling required. Simply put it over, peel and stick it back onto the original MINI Cooper's driver/passenger side power window panels and the center multimedia panel.

Compatible with

3rd Gen MINI Cooper F55 F56 (For 2-door only)

3 pieces
For driver/passenger side power window switch panels and the center console multimedia control panel (near hand brake)
Made with flexible Automotive grade ABS plastic
Installs easily with pre-applied double sided tape, simple peel and stick
No cutting or drilling required
Long lasting material designed to withstand the rigors of the elements
Special Note: Some trims might not have the center multimedia panel, but you can still use the two side panel covers.