Fuel Gas Tank Cap Key For Suzuki GS450 GS550 GR650 GS1000 E/S/G/L GS1100GK2 Generic

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High class quality and very durable
Material: Aluminum & plastic
Condition: 100% brand new
Manufacturer Part Number: 44200-49810
Without bolts
Package include :
1x Fuel Gas Cap Lock
2x Keys

Fitment for:
For Suzuki GS300L 1982-1985
For Suzuki GS450GA Automatic 1983-1983
For Suzuki GS450L 1983-1988
For Suzuki GS450T 1981-1983
For Suzuki GS450TX 1981-1983
For Suzuki GS550L 1981-1986
For Suzuki GS550T 1981
For Suzuki GR650/GR650X Tempter 1983
For Suzuki GS650E 1981-1982
For Suzuki GS650G 1981-1983
For Suzuki GS650GL 1981-1983
For Suzuki GS750L 1979
For Suzuki GS750E 1980-1982
For Suzuki GS750T 1982-1983
For Suzuki GS850G 1979-1983
For Suzuki GS850GL 1979-1983
For Suzuki GS1000L 1979
For Suzuki GS1000 1979
For Suzuki GS1000E 1979-1983
For Suzuki GS1000S Katana 1979-1983
For Suzuki GS1000G 1980-1981
For Suzuki GS1100L 1980
For Suzuki GS1100E 1980-1981
For Suzuki GS1100G 1980-1981
For Suzuki GS1100GL 1982-1983
For Suzuki GS1100GK 1982-1984
For Suzuki GS1100GK2 1982-1984

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