Ignition Switch Lock Keys For Suzuki GS550 GS 450/400/250 GS1000 GSX 1100 Generic

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1:High class quality and very durable.
2:Easy "Plug and Play" installation to replace your stock ignition.
3:Its stylish design is perfect to decorate your motorcycle.
4:This is Aftermarket Item,No Installation Instruction,

Condition: 100% Brand New
Material: Aluminum&plastic
Type: Ignition Switch Lock & Keys
Placement on Vehicle: Front
Manufacturer Part Number:37100-47010,37100-47011,37100-45301,37110-47001,37100-49201
Ignition Wire:4
Ignition Plug:1 plug 4 pin

For Suzuki GS250 1980-1981/1996/1999
For Suzuki GS400 1977-1983
For Suzuki GS400E 1977-1983
For Suzuki GS450 E/L/S/T 1980-1983
For Suzuki GS450L 1985-1987
For Suzuki GS450 S/SU/E/EU 1985-1989
For Suzuki GS550E Gussrad 1978-1979
For Suzuki GS550 Speichenrad 1978-1979
For Suzuki GS550 D/E/L/T 1977-1982
For Suzuki GS550M Katana 1981-1983
For Suzuki GS650G Katana 1981-1983
For Suzuki GS750D Speichenrad 1978-1981
For Suzuki GS750E Gussrad 1977-1979
For Suzuki GS750L 1977-1979
For Suzuki GS850G 1979-1981
For Suzuki GS850GL 1979-1981
For Suzuki GS850G 1982-1986
For Suzuki GS850GL 1982-1986
For Suzuki GS1000 Speichenrad 1980
For Suzuki GS1000 E/H/L 1978-1980
For Suzuki GS1000S Sport 1978-1980
For Suzuki GS1000 G/GL Kardan 1980-1981
For Suzuki GS1100G Kardan 1984-1986
For Suzuki GSX400S 1983-1987
For Suzuki GSX400 E/L/S 1980-1981
For Suzuki GSX400 E/S 1982-1987
For Suzuki GSX400 FE Katana 1981-1983
For Suzuki GSX400E 1983-1987
For Suzuki GSX750E Gussrad 1980-1982
For Suzuki GSX750L 1980-1982
For Suzuki GSX750S Katana 1982-1984
For Suzuki GSX1100E Gussrad 1980-1981
For Suzuki GSX1100L 1980-1981
For Suzuki GSX1100E 1982-1983
For Suzuki GSX1100S Katana 1980-1985
For Suzuki GSX1100SZ Katana 1980-1985
For Suzuki GN250 1985-2001
For Suzuki GR650 1983-1984

Package Included:
1x Ignition Switch Lock
2x Keys

Compatibility only for reference,Please Check out the size or product fits your motorcycle or not
or may be do some changed to fit your bike.

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