Turn signal 12V FLASHER 2 prongs Flash For Kawasaki EX250 Ninja El250 VN1500 Generic

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Turn signal 12V FLASHER 2 prongs Flash For Kawasaki EX250 Ninja El250 VN1500

Condition: Aftermarket 100% Brand New
Color: Same As Picture Show
Material: Plastic & Metal
OEM Replacement Part Number:
For Honda 38301-KJ6-743
For Honda 38301-MG2-008
For Honda 38301-KJ6-742
For Kawasaki 27002-1053

For Honda NX125 1988-1990
For Honda NX250 AX-1 1988-1991/1993
For Honda CBR125R 2004-2005
For Honda CBR125RW 2005-2006
For Honda CB125 CB125S 1984-1985
For Honda KLR125 1998
For Honda CD250 1988-1989
For Honda CBX750 1987
For Honda CB200 CB200T 1996
For Honda CB250 Nighthawk 1991-2008
For Honda CB250P Police 2004-2006/1996
For Honda CB350 1970-1972/1968
For Honda CB360 1976
For Honda CB175 CB175K
For Honda SL350
For Honda CB400 1976-1979
For Honda CB500 CB500T 1976
For Honda CB550 1976-1978
For Honda CB750 CB750K 1969-1978
For Honda CB750 CB750F Super Sport 1975-1978
For Honda CM125 CM125C 1982-1999
For Honda CH125 Elite 1984
For Honda CH125 Spacy 1984
For Honda CH80 Elite 1985
For Honda CL350 1968-1973
For Honda CL360 1974-1975
For Honda CN250 Spazio 1988
For Honda CN250 1990-1999
For Honda CT70 1991-1994
For Honda CX500 1978-1979
For Honda GL1000 Gold Wing 1975-1977
For Honda NH125 1984
For Honda NH50 Lead 1989-1990
For Honda NH80 Lead 1989-1993
For Honda NN50 1984
For Honda NQ50 Spree 1984-1985
For Honda NS50 1990
For Honda ZB50 1988
For Honda PCX125 2011
For Honda TLR200 1986-1987
For Honda XL125 XL125S 1979-1990
For Honda XL200 XL200R 1983-1984
For Honda XL250 XL250R 1984-1987
For Honda XL350 XL350R 1984-1985
For Honda XLX350 1988
For Honda XL600V Transalp 1987-1993
For Honda XRV650 Africa Twin 1988-1989
For Honda XRV750 Africa Twin 1990-1992
For Honda MTX125 1983-1990
For Honda MTX200 1983/1985
For Honda NX500 Dominator 1988-1991
For Honda NX650 Dominator 1988-1990
For Honda CBX 1979-1980
For Honda CMX250C Rebel 1985-1987
For Honda CMX250C Rebel 1996-2014

For Kawasaki KLX650 Motard 1993-1996
For Kawasaki AR125 1988-1991
For Kawasaki AR125 1988-1990
For Kawasaki BN125 Eliminator125 2001-2009
For Kawasaki EL250 Eliminator 250 1987-1994
For Kawasaki EN500 Vulcan 500 1990-1996
For Kawasaki EN450 Vulcan 454 LTD 1985-1990
For Kawasaki EN400 Bulcan 400 1994
For Kawasaki EN400 Twin 1989
For Kawasaki EN400 Vulcan 400 1990-1993
For Kawasaki ER250 Z250 Scorpion 1988
For Kawasaki EX500 GPZ500S 1988-1998
For Kawasaki EX305 GPZ305 Belt drive 1984-1994
For Kawasaki EX250 Ninja 250 1986-1994
For Kawasaki EX250 ZZR250 1990-2007
For Kawasaki EX250 GPX250R-II 1988
For Kawasaki EX250 GPX250R 1988-1994
For Kawasaki KDX125 KDX125SR 1990-1993
For Kawasaki KH125 GTO Speedster 1994/1997
For Kawasaki KL650 KLR650 1987-2007
For Kawasaki KL650 Tengal 1989-1991
For Kawasaki KL600 KLR600 1984-1994
For Kawasaki KL250 KLR250 1985-2005
For Kawasaki KL250G Super Sherpa 250 2000-2003
For Kawasaki KLE500 1991-2000
For Kawasaki KLE400 1991-1994/1999
For Kawasaki KMX200 1987-1991
For Kawasaki KMX125 1986-1998
For Kawasaki KR250 KR-IS 1989-1991
For Kawasaki KR250 KR-IR 1989-1990
For Kawasaki KR250 KR-I 1988-1989
For Kawasaki KZ1100 LTD 1983
For Kawasaki Z550 GT550 1984-1994
For Kawasaki ZG1000 GTR1000 1988-2003
For Kawasaki ZL1000 Eliminator 1987-1988
For Kawasaki ZL400 Eliminator 400 1994-1995
For Kawasaki ZL400 Eliminator 400LX 1988-1990
For Kawasaki ZR550 Zephyr 1991-1993
For Kawasaki ZX250 ZXR250R 1989-1991
For Kawasaki ZX250 ZXR250 1991-1995/1999
For Kawasaki ZX400 ZXR400R 1989-1995
For Kawasaki ZX500 ZZR500 1990-1992
For Kawasaki ZX500 GPX500R 1988-1990
For Kawasaki ZX550 GPZ550 1984-1988
For Kawasaki ZX900 Ninja ZX-9R 1994-1997
For Kawasaki VN1500 Vulcan 88 SE 1987-1992
For Kawasaki VN1500 Vulcan 88 1987-1995
For Kawasaki VN1500 VN-15 1990-1999
For Kawasaki VN1500 Vulcan 1500 1996-1999
For Kawasaki VN1500 Vulcan 1500L 1996-1997
For Kawasaki ZX600 GPZ600R 1987-1988
For Kawasaki ZX600 GPX600R 1990
For Kawasaki ZX1100 ZZR1100 1991
For Kawasaki VN750 VN750 Twin 1987

1x Starter Relay Solenoid
Installation Instruction NOT Included

Please Check the model before buying.

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