Throat Mic Microphone Headset Fit for TK3107 TK3207 TK3160 BaoFeng UV5R UV-82

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100% Brand new and high quality.
Product Shape: Same as the picture show

Type: Waterproof
Size: 12mm
Sensitivity:120 dB, +/-3dB
Impedance:32 ohms, +/-15%
Frequency Response:20-16000 Hz
Impedance:2.20k¦Ø &1kHz
Resonance fre:400Hz +/-20%
S/N ratio: Min.:-56dB &1.1kHZ

1. The use of transparent air duct airborne acoustic sound is very clear.
2. Extendable Size: Adjustable to suits neck size between 12" and 15".
3. laryngeal vibration outgoing sound, noise, including wind around will not spread,
It can be used in very noisy harsh environments.
4. suitable for hunting, fishing, riding motorcycles, and other working conditions.
5. The mushroom shaped acoustic tube earpiece is the best choice for long-hour operation. This throat mic is available in a professional grade acoustic ear coil. The proprietary, ergonomic design of the ear cushions ensures good fit over a wide range of ear sizes.
6.You may hide the throat mic under the collar and the transparent tube earphone is not easily detected by the others. This is ideal for discreet communications.
7. How it works: When the use of the vocal cords vibrate to speak,
So that the throat due to vibration induced voltage of the microphone element.
It can remove more than 90% of the background noise, not afraid noisy

Compatible With Models:
Fit for Kenwood TK Series: TK-208 TK208, TK-220TK220, TK-240 TK240 TK240D, TK-248, TK248, TK-250 TK250, TK-260 TK260 TK260G, TK-270 TK270 TK270G, TK-272GTK272, TK-278G TK278G, TK-308 TK308, TK-320 TK320, TK-340TK340 TK340D, TK-348 TK348, TK-350 TK350, TK-353, TK353, TK-360G TK360, TK-370 TK370 TK-370G, TK-372GTK372, TK-373G TK373, TK-378G, TK-388G Pro-Talk, TK-430 TK430, TK-431, TK431, TK-2100 TK2100, TK-2102,TK2102, TK2107 TK-2107, TK2160, TK-2160, TK-2170 TK2170, TK2200 TK-2200, TK-3100 TK3100, TK3101 TK-3101, TK3102 TK-3102, Pro-Talk, Pro-Power, TK-3107 TK3107, Pro-Talk, TK3130 TK-3130, TK-3160 TK3160, TK-3170 TK3170, TK-3173, TK3173, TK3200 TK-3200, TK-3131 TK3131 Free-Talk, Protalk XLS, FreeTalk XLS
Fit for Kenwood TH Series: TH-D7 THD7, TH-D7A THD7A, TH-D7AG THD7AG, TH-D7E THD7E,TH-F6 THF6 TH-F6A, THF7 TH-F7 TH-F7E, THG71 TH-G71 TH-G71A, THG71ETH-G71E, THK2 TH-K2 TH-K2A, THK2E TH-K2E TH-K2ET, TH21 TH-21 TH-21AT,TH21BT TH-21BT, TH22 TH-22 TH-22A TH-22AT, TH22E TH-22E, TH25 TH-25,TH26 TH-26, TH27 TH-27, TH28 TH-28, TH31AT TH-31AT, TH31BT TH-31BT,TH41AT TH-41AT, TH41BT TH-41BT, TH42 TH-42 TH-42A TH-42AT, TH42ETH-42E, TH45 TH-45, TH46 TH-46, TH47 TH-47, TH48 TH-48, TH55 TH-55,TH75 TH-75, TH77 TH-77, THG71 TH-G71, TH205 TH-205, TH215 TH-215, TH225TH-225, TH235 TH-235 TH-235A, TH235 TH-235E, TH315 TH-315, TH415 TH-415
Fit for Relm: RPU416A, RPU499A Plus,RPV516A, RPV599A Plus. TK-3178,PX777

Package Included:
1 X Headset

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