Waterproof DC/DC Converter Regulator 48V Step Down to 12V 240W 20A

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1:Synchronous rectification, conversion rate is 96% with very low heat.
2:Auto protect over voltage, over current, over temperature, short circuit, ,can work in normal condition when restored.
3:Poxy potting, seismic, water, moisture, dust, long term stable and reliable quality.
4:Thin, small size, high efficiency, easy installation.Aluminum alloy Shell waterproof £¬quality is stable and reliable.

Condition: 100% Brand New
Shell Material: Aluminum
Type:DC-DC Buck Converter
Input voltage: DC 48 V ( 30V-60V )
Output parameter : DC 12 V ¡À 0.25V
Output power: 20A 240W
Working temperature: (-40 ¡æ`80¡æ)
Full load temperature rise: 50¡æ
Load regulation: ¡À 1%
Voltage regulation rate: ¡À 2%
Minimum pressure: 2V
Size(mm): 76 x 76 x 35
Pitch of holes:65mm
Wire length:165mm

1.Please make sure there is sufficient input supply voltage and power,in order to ensure that the module can output enough voltage and power.
2.Please take with an average load, do not merge,if there are multiple output cables in the output port.
3.You need to pay attention to make the power module cool,if output is up to the maximum current value.
4.When it is more than 40¡æ,please make lower power, or enhance heat dissipation
5.In strict accordance with characters wiring, fuse the input voltage polarity,must not reversed, or it may damage the power supply module, when the output voltage polarity is reversed, it may damage electrical equipment.

Package Included:
1x DC-DC Converter

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